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Stripey Giraffe stands for one thing; delivering quality content to our subscribers. We offer value for money to users, aiming to create ad-free platforms to ensure customers that our brands are to be trusted. We are always adding new content to our services and building new products to ensure we keep ahead of the market. Stripey Giraffe have provided thousands of subscribers with easy access to direct deal and offer alerts, HTML5 games hand picked by our game testers and much more.
Our Content
With our games portal, you can play engaging interactive HTML5 games on your handset. This is our headline entertainment platform, which includes personalisation and downloadable apps, games and funny quizzes to share with friends. Our subscribers enjoy ad free unlimited access to our 100’s of games and large library of content, all ad-free, which is constantly being monitored and updated by our Stripey team. One of the perks of our portal is that users can play all of the games on their handset without the need to download anything. They can also choose from plenty of apps to download; from cool wallpapers and digital fidget spinners, to online ad blockers and weather news.
Don’t want to miss out on the best discounts and giveaways! We hunt for the best competitions, deals and giveaways on the web, making it easy for our subscribers to keep up with the greatest offers out there. This is how it works; our deals team source the best deals, and then we send an SMS to our users notifying them of our findings! So, they get the best deals direct to their handset. Our offers platform is a great solution for those who love entering competitions and want to know about amazing unmissable deals.
Mobile Products
Our products are optimised for mobile usage, allowing our subscribers to received their service quicker and easier than ever. This allows us to create interactive adverts with clear user flows, and focus on exploring new marketing techniques that work for our customers; reaching and delivering our services to a wider international audience. Our ethos at Stripey Giraffe is simple: we make sure that we’re not only building high demand and high value products for the user, but that we’re also constantly quality checking our services and keeping them fresh with updates and new ad-free content.
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